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Art connects the world.
Gigloop connects the world to you.

We gather artists, event producers and agencies in a single platform, making the booking process easy, simple and secure.
How it Works

Trusted and used by the biggest clubs, events and festivals

Your next great booking experience starts with Gigloop.

Gigloop was built to make your life easier, a platform that bridges the gap between artists, agencies and event promoters.
Faster deals and negotiations

Booking an artist has never been this easy. On Gigloop you can find artists, send offers and make payments, in one single platform. All that in a simple, organised and intuitive manner, like you've always wanted.


The logistics are handled in a simple manner. You send confirmations of hotel reservation and travel arrangements, and the artist can access everything in real time, along with an itinerary, that is instantly generated.

Your personal assistant for events

You can stop worring about deadlines, as we'll keep you informed about any actions necessary through emails and notifications. Our inovative plaform has counters showing you the exact time before your next step is due.


Discover some of the talented artists already using Gigloop

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The whole world's a stage

Connect to the world like you never imagined. Build an incredible page with an up-to-date calendar, that allows you to receive booking offers from promoters from all over the world. Share automatically all your upcoming gigs to your social network pages and show the world how far your music reaches!

Some of the artists features
Organize your gigs and get connected with more events
Secure your shows with our transaction and contract system.
Sync your calendar to social media and share with your fans
Personalized professional page, connected to the main social networks

Open a world of possibilities for your events

Everything you need in a single place. Look for artists, send offers, make payments and take care of the logistics inside the platform. So simple and logic that you're gonna wonder why it wasn't always done like this.

Some of the promoters' features
Hire artists from all over the world in a single click
Neutral and safe process, that guarantees that the artist will only get paid once he has performed.
Intelligent system that keeps track of every deadline in each negotiation.
Messaging tool that allows direct communication with the artist
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